Denture Maintenance

Denture Maintenance

JP Dental Care and Dr. Jintae Park utilize dentist care for dentures in Reno, NV, that can keep your false teeth strong and secure. Denture maintenance and care can take on many different steps, each of which must be done to ensure your teeth remain strong. Here are a few things that you need to know about this process and how it may benefit you.

DIY Care Can Help 

Denture maintenance often starts at home by using various options provided by your dental professional. For example, denture soaks help to keep them clean and break apart plaque between use. Usually, they must soak at night to break apart these buildups and avoid long-term damage to your denture plates and teeth.

Just as importantly, you need to watch for signs of wear and tear, such as cracks in the teeth, damage to the denture structure, and more. Your dentist for dentures in Reno, NV, will take a look at what is wrong, provide repair procedures, and ensure that your teeth remain strong and secure. 

How Professional Repair Helps You 

Professional denture repair and maintenance includes checking for possible problems with the structure of the frame. For example, damage to the plate may cause it to rub up against the gums and cause irritation and inflammation. Dental maintenance spots these problems and prevents serious issues. 

Just as importantly, regular inspections can spot cracks, discoloration, cavities, and much more. Your dental professional will fix these breaks to ensure that your denture plates and teeth remain strong. They'll also provide a new set if yours need replacement at any time.

Don't Avoid This Process 

At JP Dental Care, Dr. Park can provide professional dentist care for dentures in Reno, NV. He understands the various steps necessary to keep them strong and will do what he can to satisfy you. Please call us at (775) 853-0503 to learn more about your options in this situation.

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